Volunteer Communication Specialists focussed on the London National Park City (Remote)

Preferable Location: London   |   Volunteer


Time commitment:   Some flexibility will be required, but volunteers must be able to spend at least the equivalent of a day per calendar week. 

Salary:         Voluntary roles are not remunerated; expenses will be covered.

Reporting to:            The Board of Trustees - through one nominated Trustee

Accountable to:        The Board of Trustees 

Location:            London, flexible. 

Term:            Not contracted but ideally 1 year minimum.

Who are we?

We are the National Park City Foundation (NPCF), the registered charity (no 1173267) behind the idea of cities being National Park Cities. 

After years of campaigning London became the world’s first National Park City in July 2019. Launched with the support of thousands of Londoners, including the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, we are now growing a movement of people to make life in London better, and to deliver on the vision we have set.

We are a roots-up organisation with a passion for nature and the outdoors. 

We are established in London and are working to establish 25 National Park Cities around the world by 2025. All of this has been achieved by people volunteering their time, ideas and enthusiasm. We aim to make more of the city green, to connect more people to nature and to promote the National Park City identity and brand.

Purpose of role/s:

This role/s is to support us in engaging with our growing movement to create, manage and promote National Park City content with the aim of further growing and diversifying our audience in London and internationally. 

We are seeking to bring on between 1 and 4 committed volunteers with proven communications experience to:

  • Write / create new content - i.e. researching, interviewing and writing articles 

  • Reviewing and editing written content provided by others 

  • Curate, edit and manage our website 

  • Create content for and help to manage our existing social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

  • Create content and curate our new YouTube channel 

  • Provide switchboard support to redirect and ensure timely responses to London National Park City contact messages.   

  • Prepare and follow up on press releases and media enquiries 

  • Promote events we host 

The communications volunteers will report to a nominated Trustee of the National Park City Foundation and work closely with our existing Community Campaign Manager. 

To date, many of these communications tasks have been handled largely by our Community Campaign Manager, so to begin with volunteers liaise with them to understand existing systems and processes and effect a smooth transition of responsibilities, as appropriate. 

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Creating new National Park City content (e.g. articles, photography, video, podcasts)

  • Helping manage National Park City social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) 

  • Maintaining our website 

  • Promoting events 

  • Liaising with media and National Park City movement to identify communications / media opportunities

  • Ensuring content is in keeping with our style, tone, approach and values

Person Specification:
Essential criteria:

  • Commitment to the vision of London as a National Park City

  • Demonstrable written and verbal communication skills

  • Some experience with website content and management systems 

  • Ability to work as part of a dynamic team

  • Ability to work flexibly to meet the demands of the role

  • Access to your own computer and ability to work from home / out and about. The National Park City Foundation does not have an office.

Desirable criteria

  • Excellent communicator, with the ability to engage, motivate and support other volunteers

  • Video or photography experience

  • Social media experience

How to Apply - Tell us about yourself
You must be able to volunteer for at least the equivalent of one day per calendar week.

Please send us your CV with a brief note explaining why and how you want to volunteer with us. You can do this by clicking on the APPLY NOW button above.

Selection process and timeline 

  1. We are asking for application emails (as above) to be submitted by 30 October 2020

  2. Applications will be reviewed by an appointed London National Park City Selection Panel 

  3. Depending on the number of applications we receive we may need to shortlist and run interviews before the end of November.

  4. Interviews will be conducted by Zoom.  

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is extremely important to us. For this role, for safeguarding reasons, we are only accepting applications from people over 18. Given the nature of the role, we are looking for candidates living in London.  

  • We will work hard to reach as many people as possible with this volunteer job specification and will review and consider all the applications received.  

  • We will brief our selection panel in best practice recruitment and establish a check and challenge system to counter unconscious discrimination or bias. 

Respecting your privacy

The information you provide will be held and managed by the National Park City Foundation. Our 

privacy policy is here: http://www.nationalparkcity.london/privacy-policy

Apply by pressing the "APPLY NOW" button at the top of the page.

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